Mr. J.P.Telfer is called to the bar of Her Majesty's courts in Ontario and has been a working barrister at Ottawa since 1992. Mr. Telfer regularly appears in civil and commercial matters on the behalf of smaller law firms or individual solicitors who lack the resources required to conduct emergency litigation, appeals or proceedings beyond the scope of a general law practice. 

As a barrister, Mr. Telfer may be called upon when unforseen conflicts arise or when there is a requirement that new counsel be briefed in the course of litigation. In complex proceedings Mr. Telfer may be instructed by the major firms when there is the need for independent counsel, but when the need is for less that the full service of a rival firm. Mr. Telfer is also regularly instructed in matters concerning the procedural and jurisdictional questions of constitutional and administrative law. 

In commercial mediation and arbitration, or in situations where simple negotiations can achieve a successful result and avoid litigation altogether, Mr. Telfer is often able to provide the clear and independent perspective necessary for sensible solutions and business decisions. 

As an Ontario solicitor, Mr. Telfer may serve as solicitor-of-record for foreign lawyers and otherwise qualified professionals in proceedings before the Ontario Courts or the Federal Court of Canada. Mr. Telfer may also serve as Ottawa Agent for Canadian solicitors with proceedings pending before the Supreme Court of Canada. 

Without affiliation to any law firm or political party, and without long-term retainers requiring the promotion of any particular client's interests, Mr. Telfer has been able to provide foreign clients with clear and independent advice on the practical realities of litigation in Canada. 

In international private law and the enforcement of foreign judgments, Mr. Telfer has extensive experience in the enforcement of Canadian judgments and orders in Commonwealth and Civil Law jurisdictions, and in the effective and cost-effective instruction of local attorneys. As a barrister, Mr. Telfer has given evidence of Canadian law in various jurisdictions of the United States, and has been occasionally instructed as leading counsel in Her Majesty's courts in the Cayman Islands. 

Since Canadian law has recently departed from the traditional ideas of English and Commonwealth jurisdictions, Mr. Telfer has provided guidance to foreign attorneys concerned with the enforcement of judgments, orders and letters rogatory in Canada. 

In matters concerning the tracing and recovery of assets through off-shore companies, Mr. Telfer is able to conduct discreet preliminary investigations and can offer assistance and advice in the planning and precise execution of coordinated and effective multi-jurisdictional litigation. 


Fee arrangements may be discussed, but contingency agreements calculated as a percent of result are not possible. 
Counsel fees: C$500.00 (US$500.00) per hour 
Solicitor's work (including minor appearances): C$350.00 per hour 
Staff/Research: C$250.00 per hour 
(+13% Canada/Ontario value added tax (Harmonized Sales Tax HST) on fees and most disbursements) 


Date of Birth - 15 August 1949 
Place of Birth - Ottawa Canada 
Canadian citizenship 

Law Society of Upper Canada - Degree of Barrister-at-law - 1992 
Bar Admission Course articles were served with the firm of Lette & Associates at Ottawa. 
Queen's University at Kingston - Master of Laws (LL.M) - 1990 
Post-graduate studies in constitutional and administrative law were supervised by Professor David Dyzenhaus, with Professors W.R. Lederman and H.R.S. Ryan. The defended thesis was an historical study of prerogative writs in English law and the application of medieval constitutional ideas to the problems of jurisdiction in contemporary administrative law. 
Queen's University at Kingston - Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) 
In addition to the regular curriculum, major papers were `The Common Law and a Theory of Sovereignty for Canada', on English law in Canada, and `The Ninth Amendment', on American constitutional law. Term projects involved a study of civil jurisdictions (Admiralty, Prize, Roman Law and Quebec civil law), and a study of Postmodern legal thought (Post-marxism and Radical Feminism). 


Prior to the practice of law, Telfer enjoyed an earlier career in creative advertising production, design and photography, primarily in the print medium and usually in support of product placement or corporate-image programmes. Other experience included film and television production, political advertising and media relations. 
During the two years prior to the 1976 Olympic Games, Telfer served the Montreal Organising Committee in political media relations and as Press Chief and director of Publicity and Public Relations for the Yachting Events at Kingston. 


The Curriculum Vitae would include competitive sailor, professional ski instructor and two novels. 


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