John Parr Telfer  Telfer@Telfer.CA  

Barrister-at-law and Ontario Solicitor 

Mr.J.P.Telfer is called to the bar of His Majesty's Courts in Ontario and appears regularly as 
counsel in appeals, proceedings in judicial review, enforcement of foreign judgments and in 
general civil matters at Ottawa. 

In matters of private international law, Mr Telfer is experienced in the instruction of local 
attorneys in American and Civil Law jurisdictions and has appeared as leading 
counsel in various Commonwealth jurisdictions. 
We regret we can accept instructions only by referral from Canadian solicitors and qualified 
professionals, foreign lawyers or in some cases from foreign private parties. 

   J.P. Telfer, Barrister and Solicitor,  
   340 March Road, Suite 300,
   Ottawa K2K 2E4 

   Telephone   613 230 0044 
   Telefax       613 230 0090 
   E-Mail:      Telfer@Telfer.CA 


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